Not just summer: water fun is for all year round at Hotel Paradiso in Slovenia

Seasonality is one of the typical aspects of the water entertainment industry. Having fun in the water is, in fact, an activity that people appreciate and seek out during the summer. Schools close and temperatures raise: swimming, sliding down water slides or playing in the spray parks are the perfect way to have fun during the long summer days.
The water park industry, though, has been changing its face over the years. The entire experience of traditional entertainment is changing, to offer visitors ever-changing experiences. Examples are:

  • Attention to the whole family: for this reason, some water parks have introduced more convenient prices for children and the elderly;
  • Expansion of services: such as aquatic areas in campsites. We have already told you about it in our projects for La Quercia campsite in Lazise and for Glamping Le Capanne;
  • Avoid seasonality: why limit water fun to the summer period?

This last question was also asked by the owners of Hotel Paradiso, the wellness hotel in Dobova, Slovenia. The answer is in the project we created together: a new waterslide that can also be used in the colder months.

Why give up water fun in winter?

Hotel Paradiso is a Slovenian spa facility, located near the Croatian border. Indeed, to be more precise, it is a true spa paradise for the whole family, thanks to its pools with more than 1800 m2 of indoor and outdoor water surfaces – some heated up to 32° -, attractions for children, equipped SPA area.

And it is precisely the SPA area that is the protagonist of the project we have created: a long and sinuous Hydrotube printed in RTM technology, with special effects along the way. Its main peculiarity, then, is that it can also be used in the colder months, thanks to the indoor-outdoor-indoor path that starts right from the top of the hotel’s relaxation area.

«The main purpose of the intervention was to entertain our guests even during autumn and winter, when the temperatures are lower and our external waterslides are closed – the management of Hotel Paradiso tells us – And we achieved it: our new waterslide works even on the coldest days. Families looking for a fun and relaxing holiday will certainly love it».

What the resort was missing to be complete

The relationship between Hotel Paradiso and New Dieresin began in 2012, with the realization of the external waterslides. «New Dieresin has never disappointed our expectations – is the comment of Marian Cvetic, owner of the center – the entire team has always been efficient and precise; each project was completed on schedule. The results have always been positive for our resort: this is why we always choose New Dieresin for our water fun projects».

In fact, New Dieresin team is always ready to welcome ideas and manage technical challenges in the best possible way. In the case of the new Hydrotube waterslide for the Slovenian hotel, the difficulty was in its structure: having a waterslide that extends from the inside outwards, and then returns to a covered area, often required working in confined spaces and with extreme precision during assembly.

The result, thus, made possible the experience of water fun even in the colder months. And so it has also created great added value for the structure: «Our usual guests have been enthusiastic about it – is the comment of the management of Hotel Paradiso – Furthermore, the new internal waterslide has attracted many new visitors to our structure. We were told by many that this was something our resort lacked to be complete».