The new trend of fun is the water area in campsites: here is the example of campsite “La Quercia” in Lazise

The accommodation facilities have always aimed to offer their guests authentic, engaging, personalized and unique experiences. Always looking for new opportunities to offer visitors a peaceful and fun stay, which favors interaction with friends or people met within the facilities. And, therefore, give them valid reasons to stay longer and to recommend the structure to their acquaintances. For this reason, it is a common trend also for hotels and campsites to heavily invest in the water sector.

The water areas with swimming pool remain a vague memory…

In the accommodation facilities, in fact, the water areas dedicated to families with children become more and more important and spectacular. For decades, these areas were designed in a static and not very interactive way: the play area dedicated to the little ones was often adjacent to an area where parents could enjoy a little relaxation. Or, it was sadly formed by a fountain and a small swimming pool with a couple of slides. Today, however, the Spray Parks are highly sought after and fun areas, multi-function spaces with different games and highly personalized theming, which release numerous feelings and which manage to involve the whole family.

How we renovated the water area in campsite “La Quercia”

Among the latest realizations that New Dieresin team has carried out in this sector, there is the renovation of the water park of “La Quercia” in Lazise. 

A work that began before the Covid pandemic, with the municipal permits requested in 2019, and then ended in the spring of this year, which wrote yet another chapter of the beautiful collaboration between our company and the Russo family’s structure. The works began with the realization of a Spray Park platform for children up to 10 years age, composed of a baby pool equipped with water games. Subsequently, the water area of ​​the campsite was completed with the addition of several waterslides, to meet the needs of a more adult public. Our team therefore designed and installed: four 9-meter closed section slides, two fast tracks for freebody competitions, a freebody track with special effects along the way and, finally, a track for single and double tubes, also with special effects along the way.

These installations are in addition to three toboggan waterslides built in 2003, still in good condition and functioning.

«The pleasure of working with a company like New Dieresin is the simplicity in the relationship and above all the ability to meet all our desires – commented Davide Russo, owner of the campsite “La Quercia “– We spent a lot of time together thinking to resolve every possible question and this has convinced us even more of the choice made to have them as our partner».

It was an exciting and engaging adventure also for our team. We have used all our experience to meet the needs and expectations of each age group. Our engineers, architects and designers have worked hard to bring an important innovation to “La Quercia” campsite and create a unique experience for visitors.

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