For an ideal water park

Experience, quality, innovation

From 1980 up to now

The history of New Dieresin started in 1980 and, right from the beginning, the company became a protagonist in the growing market regarding the design and production of fiberglass products for pools and water slides. The evolution of the sector, the technical ability of our specialists and our ambition to develop increasingly innovative projects, have led us to organize our activities so as to ensure maximum quality, flexibility and customization for each and every job.

Our innovative attitude has been recognized both in Italy and worldwide: this has led New Dieresin to create and install water parks on three different continents, consolidating its presence (in particular in Italy, Central and Southern Europe) and to develop ever more amusing and unique slides, able to satisfy the needs of each client.

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Technology and quality

New Dieresin’s work stands out, first and foremost for the quality of the project, which is matched by the quality of the materials and the high standards guaranteed at each stage of processing, as well as the strict compliance with the most advanced regulations in force. Continuously updated construction techniques enables to improve products, making them increasingly resistant, safe and flexible.

Complete management of the entire process, from design to post-sales maintenance, allows us to offer constant support to customers, with integrated and shared skills. Certifications obtained over time confirm the quality of our turnkey service, as well as our ability to work as specialists in more extensive projects, both private and public.

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Design and customization

New Dieresin’s work is further enhanced by its creativity, which leads to the development of solutions with a high level of customization to respond to the needs of clients and the preferences of the public using the structures.  The best of Italian design tradition combines with the decades-long experience of specialized technicians.

For slides, games and accessories capable of making each water park a colourful, enjoyable, adrenalinic and fascinating world, able to guarantee the highest safety standards. A unique environment, suitable for adults and children.

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