How were the waterparks born?

Waterparks are an incredibly popular form of recreation around the world. Facilities include a wide range of attractions, such as slides, water playgrounds, spray parks, wave pools, themed castles. Their story begins in the early 1900s: since then waterparks have evolved to become one of the most desired forms of entertainment for adults and children.

The beginnings of waterparks around the world

The first waterslide made its appearance in New Zealand, in 1906, during an industry event. On that occasion, the participants boarded boats specially created for the event, and then glided into Victoria Lake.
After this first appearance, the idea of ​​a real water park was then developed in the United States, when a businessman named George Millay opened the first Sea World in San Diego. It was 1964, and it was a time when theme parks were in constant development.
In the following years, in fact, Millay himself perfected his original idea and, in 1977, he inaugurated the first official water park located in Orlando, Florida. Millay was a true pioneer of the industry and for this he earned the title of “father of water parks”.

And in Italy?

Even in our country, the history of waterparks is that of a constantly evolving sector, which has been able to understand and satisfy the needs of its visitors. From the classic Toboggan of the first installations, facilities today are looking for highly personalized and customized solutions. A path of growth, research and development that the company New Dieresin has faced in these 35 years of activity to make our customers’ dreams come true.

Our first waterslides, in fact, date back to 1987: the first installations were for the Caneva waterpark, the Aretusa park in Syracuse, Hydromania in Rome and Aqualandia (now Caribe Bay). In this last waterpark sited in Jesolo, we have created some of the most extreme and innovative installations in the sector, such as the “Captain Spacemaker”, for a long time the highest water slide in the world and, more recently, the slow river “Roatan”.

History shows that water parks have rapidly evolved and developed to be more and more exciting for their visitors, up to become the structures we know today. Where the most adrenaline-pumping attractions are perfectly combined with attractions dedicated to children. Therefore, if wave pools and spin bowls have become popular with thrill seekers, slow rivers are a favorite with those who just want to relax.

So how to choose the best attractions for your water park?

New Dieresin team can design and customize the next slide in your water park. Get in touch with our team of experts and find out how we can help your business!