The renovation of the Tournesol dome in reinforced and fireproof fiberglass

There’s  great excitement in New Dieresin: the new season of water parks is coming and our team is working to complete the attractions for young and old.

One of the important projects we took part in is the renovation and restoration of the Tournesol dome at the Birkelt campsite in Larochette, a national monument protected by the Luxembourg Environmental Heritage.

Human Company, has entrusted us – in collaboration with other specialized professionals – the fundamental task of:

  • demolish the existing fibreglass dome, 
  • develop the executive project for reconstruction, 
  • make each of the fibreglass moulds intended to replace the original structure, 
  • recreate the elements of the dome using the most modern technologies in the industry. 

The objective of the project was to adapt the building statically and structurally to current requirements and regulations. To achieve this, we have created, among other things, a new sandwich structure with specific reinforcements (“core”) and a wide use of fireproof resins. 

An innovative reinforced and fireproof fiberglass structure

A great technical challenge, characterized by many unknowns due to the absolute novelty of the use of components in reinforced fiberglass with great thickness and fireproof, that our team has won thanks to the collaboration of the most qualified companies in the field of transparent openings in methacrylate, seals and the realization of advanced modeling.

Discover in these images the evolution of the works and the final result!