Summer season 2023: for Dieresin a year full of satisfactions and design challenges achieved.

Summer is a time of great excitement for Dieresin: it is the moment when the water attractions built throughout the year welcome visitors and create new and exciting opportunities for fun for all ages.

During this summer season we have achieved important goals of expansion in Europe. Innovative and complex projects, which have offered the structures in which they have been installed an important added value and a very significant economic and image return already after the first weeks after the opening.

Here are some of the most recent and exciting accomplishments.

Wave Ride: High Speed and Unexpected Oscillations.

Installed at the Tuhel Thermal Baths in Croatia, Wave Ride is a large water slide that offers a unique adrenaline-pumping experience. Riders are guided through a progressively faster trajectory and then oscillate in a sail-like structure, as if propelled by stormy sea waves. This project represented a significant design challenge for our team: for the first time in a facility of this kind, users can choose to ride alone or in pairs aboard specific inflatable boats for thrilling descents in complete safety.

Squid Slide, for Exciting High-Speed Dives.

Squid Slide is the new attraction built for the Aqualuna Water Park at Terme Olimia in Slovenia. Comprising a series of steep water tubes, it allows visitors to reach high speeds for exciting high-speed diving challenges. The project was complex due to geometric constraints from existing water slides in the same area. However, thanks to meticulous design, we have achieved the goal of creating an extremely compact and highly adrenaline-pumping squid slide suitable for users of all weights.

Water Play and Special Effects for the Whole Family.

For the Jerzercica Thermal Baths in Croatia, we have designed an impressive water castle, which is the largest water playground in Eastern Europe. This extraordinary structure offers a unique experience with water slides for all tastes. Among the main attractions, the “Huggy Buggy” slide invites visitors to slide along a rainbow of colors, “Underwater Trip” offers a journey filled with translucencies and unexpected water jets, and for thrill-seekers, “The Serpent” guarantees an electrifying adventure with a texture reminiscent of an anaconda’s skin. Users feel immersed in the jungle, in contact with a wild and fearsome serpent.

A Sandcastle in a Water Park!

An incredible sandcastle over 14 and a half meters tall is the amazing children’s attraction created for the Le Capanne glamping site in Bibbona, in collaboration with Ozlab FunFactory. It is a real building with slides, play elements, and a huge 1000-liter bucket that tips over at regular intervals, creating highly scenic water play. Specially designed lighting provides unique theming, perfect for evening entertainment.

Innovative and tailor-made attractions, showcasing the company’s ability to combine innovation, creativity, and compliance with current regulations to create exciting and entirely Made in Italy water attractions.

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